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Disclaimer: All podcasts , videos and images for promotional and supportive use towards House Music and its creative community of artists, producers, labels, and lifestyle industry trendsetters! Hear + Like + Buy = Common-Unity…One Nation Under A House Groove!


“I am the DJ Man and music is my plan,
To ease your mind and set you free,
From all your days of misery you see.”

title: Music Is The Key / artist: J.M. Silk
label: D.J. International Records

UnRitMoVida, a Rhythm of Life…

Promoting cultural awareness of House Fusion Music by expressing, commenting, and reviewing past and current House music genres, styles, cultures, trends, lifestyles, and experiences. As well as, acknowledging its continued growth within the “common-unity” (locally, nationally, and internationally) through word-of-mouth from listeners, consumers, artists, producers, labels and/or the entertainment industry and their medias as blogging, podcasting, videos, and social networks.

UnRitMoVida.com is also the music blogging platform of the Taste Da Flavour DJ Collective, as well as, the Graphic Design & Production Multi-Media platform for Beats N Pieces By Design.

The term “House Fusion Music” (a term used throughout) is the result of the influences, adaptations, advancements and growth House Music has been through with its many genres, styles, and sounds while in response to cultural, lifestyle, generational, and marketing changes since the birth of House Music.

Email contact info:

tdfdjs [at] unritmovida [dot] com


And the Beat Goes On…

Taste Da Flavour DJ Collective: UnRitMoVida

DJ SOMOS of Taste Da Flavour DJ Collective: UnRitMoVida DJ Soul Funkin Chunkie of Taste Da Flavour DJ Collective: UnRitMoVida DJ Casa Nuova of Taste Da Flavour DJ Collective: UnRitMoVida DJ EeZe N Flo of Taste Da Flavour DJ Collective DJ Dela Nada of Taste Da Flavour DJ Collective

Providing an alternative to the mainstream:

Afro-Latino-Tribal / Ethnic Soul / Exotica / World Beat / Balearic
DJ Soul Funkin’ Chunkie:
Soulful / Funky / Breakbeat / Disco / Jackin’ / Urban / Jazzy
DJ Casa Nuova:
Nu-Disco / Space Disco / Electro (Clash) / Indie / BigBeat / Progressive / Techno / Trance
DJ EeZe N Flo:
Ambient / Chill / DownTempo / Groove / Spiritual / Ethno / Yoga
DJ Dela Nada:
Upbeat Lounge / Dance / Party / WildStyle Wickedness